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Since 1982 Kettle® Brand potato chips has been making chips that you can feel good about eating. From day one, Kettle has followed a simple rule: use only the freshest, all-natural ingredients and craft cooking methods to create intensely flavored, wonderfully craveable potato chips. The brand's latest innovation wanted to explore the use of specialty oils to cook their chips in. Chips cooked in avocado oil, almond oil and potentially other alternative oils would offer a healthier snacking option (no hydrogenated oils and lower saturated fats). In order to successfully launch the 'specialty oil' line, there were several strategies explored to see how this new product offering would fit within the existing Kettle® Brand packaging strategy.

STRATEGY ONE: Maintain an architecture that links to the existing Kettle Brand lineup, while strongly communicating the different oils.

STRATEGY TWO: Create a entirely new Specialty Oil segment within the Kettle Brand lineup that would be cohesive and easily differentiated at shelf.

STRATEGY THREE: Create an entirely new Specialty Oil segment, while also strongly communicating the different oils for each segment.

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